Also Approved for Adolescents
Adolescence is an exciting but occasionally difficult time. If your child is dealing with plaque psoriasis symptoms, however, things may be more difficult than exciting. Symptoms like red or scaling plaques on the skin can make things tough for your child. Discover how STELARA® may be able to help.
What Is Plaque Psoriasis?
Plaque psoriasis starts inside the body. It is caused by an overactive immune system, and appears as flaky, white patches on your body. There is no cure. With the right actions, there are several treatment options that may be appropriate for you.
Skin And Joints
Did you know that if you have pain, swelling or stiffness in your joints along with your plaque psoriasis symptoms, you may actually have psoriatic arthritis? Find out more about this condition.
Plaque Psoriasis Treatment Options
Have you used creams or light therapy to treat your psoriasis, and not seen satisfying results? Maybe a biologic is the right option for you. They are different because they target the cause of psoriasis, which is an overactive immune system, and not just the symptoms.