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STELARA® Results

In a medical study, 7 out of 10 people taking STELARA® saw 75% clearer skin at 12 weeks, after 2 starter doses. Individual results may vary.


It’s true: STELARA® has fewer doses per year than any other biologic for plaque psoriasis.

Also Approved for Adolescents

Being a teenager can be tough enough. Being a teenager with plaque psoriasis can be even tougher. Discover how STELARA® may be able to help.

How STELARA® Works

STELARA® may help control your symptoms.  It blocks 2 proteins – IL-12 and IL-23 – that may play a role in plaque psoriasis.

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Clearer skin may be possible. Learn more about STELARA®, a proven biologic treatment for plaque psoriasis.

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