Psoriasis Links

More Information about Plaque Psoriasis

If you would like to learn more about plaque psoriasis, check out the following places online for news, updates, information and healthy living tips. Connect with others like you by reading about their experiences, finding support groups, and exchanging helpful information.

National Psoriasis Foundation
The National Psoriasis Foundation is a non-profit organization with news, information, and other resources. The NPF also offers an online community for patients to connect with others, all while promoting research for psoriasis.

American Academy of Dermatologists - Psoriasis
The American Academy of Dermatology website offers general disease state information, patient stories, and tips to best manage plaque psoriasis among other resources for both patients and dermatologists.

WebMD delivers information, community support, medical reference materials and news updates for medical subjects and health conditions, including plaque psoriasis.

Mayo Clinic
The Mayo Clinic is a medical education and research foundation that provides comprehensive guides of information and support on hundreds of health conditions, including plaque psoriasis, for both patients and medical professionals.

US National Institutes of Health—Psoriasis Clinical Trials
The US National Institutes of Health features information and background into the purpose, history, and development of clinical trials and studies for a wide range of medical conditions, including plaque psoriasis.

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