STELARA® (ustekinumab) Efficacy

STELARA® Helped a Majority of Crohn’s Disease Patients Experience Symptom Improvement and Remission

Clinical studies included patients who were new to, had experience with, or did not respond to biologics.* Of the patients who were new to, or had experience with biologics, the majority found relief from their Crohn's disease symptoms in just 6 weeks after the one-time intravenous (IV) infusion of STELARA®, with noticeable improvement as early as 3 weeks. Additionally, the majority of those continuing treatment with STELARA® subcutaneous maintenance doses were in remission through the end of the one-year study.


Week 0 - Week 52

Week 0 - Week 52

STELARA® is not right for everyone. Only your doctor can decide if STELARA® is right for you. Individual results may vary.

*Tumor necrosis factor blocker (anti-TNF agent).


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